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Come to our Bar

A clothing store with a bar? That's right!

In the center of the store you will find our rustic bar. The shelfs are filled lovely Bourbon. You can also find some classic Bourbon cocktails on the drink meny. The main focus is  Bourbon, and when we say Bourbon it´s American Whiskey were talking about. We also have a selection of Rum, Gin, Scotch, and Cognac. You can also get a cold beer, hot coffee or a soda.

The Coffee is from a local roaster and our Whiskey is handpicked by our Boubon expert Duncan Turner. The fridge is filled with Danish and American beers and the glasses are frosted and ice cold.

See you in the bar!


Have a look at our menu

On our menu you can either find coffee, beer, wine, or cider. If you like to get loose in the bar we also serve different kind of drinks. Last but not least we offer our speciality which is our different kind of bourbons.


Bourbon Tastings

Every now and then we host a Bourbon tasting, guest bartender or live music. So keep an eye on our instagram and website for dates.

See all of our events on our Facebook page