Our Story | Hats, Boots & Bourbon


Have you ever walked in to a cool clothing store just to have a look, but immediately you felt stressed and walk out faster than you actually wanted?

We want to take away that stressed and stiff feeling and calm things down a bit. At Hats, Boots & Bourbon you can get a drink, coffee or a beer in the bar. Sit down and take everything in, ask us about the brands and different types of hats and caps. Then browse around in the store while sipping on a smooth Bourbon, ice cold beer or steaming hot coffee. We will give you your space if you like to browse by your self or our full attention if you like some inputs, tips and suggestions. We love helping you find the right hat, sixpence or full outfit! 

That's how Hats, Boots & Bourbon was born. Combining the best of two worlds, a clothing store and a cocktailbar/café, we have created a relaxing and rugged atmosphere. Do things differently. Forget all about stressful shopping as you sip that old fashioned, and who knows maybe you or one of your friends leave with a new hat.

 In the bar we focus on Bourbon and Bourbon based cocktails, American, Italian and Danish beers and a big burly espresso machine will provide us with cappuccino, espresso, cortado etc. We also offer a variation of coffee based cocktails. The feeling at Hats, Boots and Bourbon is a bit of old prohibition New York combined with industrial design, vintage furniture and a little twist of old school hip hop, chill jazz and Frank Sinatra. Does this sound like an intriguing mix? Come check us out, you will get it!