Our Story | Hats, Boots & Bourbon

Walking down rough Istedgade, a dashing hat catches your eye in a shop window. You glance inside and notice some cool characters chilling out at the bar inside. As you come in you find the perfect place to hang out, grab a drink and have a break. No excuse needed to linger – we offer a warm meeting place as well as stylish inspiration.


That's how Hats, Boots & Bourbon was born. Combining the best of two worlds, a clothing store and a cocktailbar/café, we have created a relaxing and rugged atmosphere. Sit back in the Chesterfield sofa with a coffee while you try on a pair of boots. Try a new burborn and a classy pair of shades at the bar. Do things differently, and multitask as a way to slow down. Forget all about stressful shopping as you sip that old fashioned. In fact, we will also save you time - you are certain to find a perfect gift for the man who has everything.


In the bar we focus on Bourbon and Bourbon based cocktails, American, Italian and Danish beers and a big shiny espresso machine will provide us with cappuccino, espresso, cortado etc. We also offer a variation of coffee based cocktails. The feeling at Hats, Boots and Bourbon is a bit of old prohibition New York combined with industrial design, vintage furniture and a little twist of old school Hip Hop. Does this sound like an intriguing mix? Come check us out, you will get it!